About Us

Jason Prno Consulting Services Ltd. (JPCSL) provides specialized sustainability services to industry, government, Indigenous organizations, and the not-for-profit sector. We understand the challenges that sustainability poses and the need to address social, environmental, and economic considerations in an integrated manner. Our focus is on providing socio-economic research and analysis, stakeholder engagement and corporate social responsibility, and regulatory support services to our clients. We have expertise in numerous jurisdictions and sectors, and continually aim to provide the highest quality of service.

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Our Services

  • Socio-Economic Research & Analysis

    JPCSL provides a suite of socio-economic consulting services, tailored to the individual contexts we work in. We can assist in documenting baseline socio-economic conditions, performing traditional knowledge and land use studies, conducting impact assessments, and developing management plans to mitigate effects and maximize the positive contributions of resource development.
  • Stakeholder Engagement
    & Corporate Social Responsibility

    Communicating with stakeholders is an essential part of earning a social licence to operate. While stakeholders can be diverse and not always easy to identify, sustainable development requires that dialogue be initiated with all relevant parties so that acceptable solutions can be devised. Stakeholder analysis and mapping is one of the first steps an organization should take, to be followed by more detailed management planning and communication.
  • Regulatory Support

    Many of our services are provided in support of regulatory applications for proposed development projects. These are important periods in the life of any project, whereby government officials and other stakeholders carefully review a project’s environmental, social, and economic aspects. Organizations must subsequently demonstrate their understanding of these issues and their ability to effectively manage them.